I have always loved traveling since my first trip to Europe in the 8th grade. Since then, I have traveled to over 50 countries on seven continents, more than half of which were visited solo. 

The sharing of my adventures started when there was a lack of opportunities to travel during the pandemic. I took up hiking in the United States and quickly developed a passion for it. Within two years, I had trekked hundreds of miles across over ten states in the United States, all documented on social media. 

After more countries started accepting visitors again, I quit my job and went back to exploring international destinations, now focusing on outdoor adventures. I absolutely love meeting new people in different parts of the world, learning about their culture, and seeing the beautiful places they call home.

Not only has traveling provided me with amazing experiences, but it has also given me a greater sense of independence and purpose. I hope to inspire others to travel and explore further outdoors, even if that means going alone.


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